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Vui means happy in Vietnamese. 

Be Vui is to Be Happy. It's a lifelong project.

Spreading happiness through helping others

Sharing love with those who need them most

Creating smiles despite adversities

Be Vui Project 2019 helping Hue
Be Vui Project 2019 Vietnamese orphans and abandoned children at Luc Hoa Orphanage
Be Vui Project 2019 Mai Tam Shelter Vietnamese orphans, abandoned children and widows living with HIV

Have you ever helped someone and felt happy about it?  Yes, your actions brought happiness to both, you and the person that you helped.  By helping others, you are also helping yourself to become happier. 

Unsure? Give it a try. Donate to a charity.

Abandoned children and orphans lack essential resources to lead normal lives.  It is one of our primary goals to share love and bring happiness to these less fortunate children.  We also named our project after "Bé Vui" which means happy child in Vietnamese.  

Be Vui Project works with non-profit organizations that serve the underprivileged population of Vietnam including children and women living with HIV.  We raise funds to help provide for those in need hoping to put smiles on their faces.

Bringing Empathy to Vietnamese Underprivileged Individuals

Be Vui Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that primarily helps Vietnamese orphans, abandoned children, and women living with HIV.

EIN: 843575074

Please consider doubling your donation(s) through your company donation matching programs.

Be Vui Project is registered with Benevity.   Thank you very much for supporting our cause. 

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