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Be Vui Project - Tam and Father John Toai, MI

Tam and Father John Toai, MI

in 2008, Santa Ana, California

Being aware of others' needs is the first step towards oneness |

Phuong Dinh Toai | TEDxBachDang

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to help orphans and volunteer in an orphanage but did not know how since there’s no orphanage close to her house. In December 2008, she went with her mom to a fundraiser event to watch her family friend’s performance.  At the intermission, a priest went up to the stage and told stories about the lives of women and children in southeast Asia who were affected by HIV.  Some Vietnamese women ended up in the sex industry in Thailand, contracted HIV, and passed away from AIDS.  Children being born to these unfortunate women became orphans living with HIV.  Some other women contracted HIV at home from their husbands who got the virus from other people.  These women would become pregnant and give birth to HIV positive children unknowingly.  The husbands would pass away from the disease leaving them widows and children with HIV.  These women and children were often looked down upon by society and abandoned by their families….

The girl was so moved by the stories that she heard from the priest.  She donated all the cash she had on hand and drove home to get her checkbook to make more donation.  By the time she came back to the fundraiser to give her donation check the event was over.  So she went up to the priest to give him the check and introduced herself.  She also got his contact information hoping to help in the future.

She went home and dreamed up ways on how to help the priest and the unfortunate women and children living with HIV.

She failed multiple times at different ideas and projects to raise funds with little to no success. Eventually, she figured out that she was not good at multitasking, thus could not handle both at the same time: working full-time and pursuing her goal to start a nonprofit.  So she resigned from her full-time job in 2019, changed her career to work part-time, and used the rest of her time to start Be Vui Project with the help of family and friends. 

Her goals were not only to help the women and children with HIV, but also to raise funds to support other Vietnamese nonprofit organizations or charity groups that assisted orphans, people living with disabilities, and those living in poverty, through Be Vui Project.  Her stretch goals were to be happy by doing what she enjoyed, to encourage others to become happier, and to enable orphans to become happy children.

Thank you for supporting Be Vui Project.


The mission of Be Vui Project is to help Vietnamese underprivileged individuals especially orphans and abandoned children through supporting the organizations that currently assist them. 


Vietnamese underprivileged population has more support to thrive and become happier.


Be Vui Project

Friends in 2000, Orange High School

  • DIEM LINH, food scientist, Secretary

  • PHUONG THAO NGUYEN, parent educator, Public Relations

  • TAM NGHIEM, pharmacist, Founder and President

  • DAWN TRAN-GALAZYN, special education teacher, Treasurer

2000 + 21 = 2021

Be Vui Project

Diem, Phuong Thao, Tam, Dawn

in 2021, Santiago Oaks Regional Park

We were a group of high school friends that graduated in 2000.  Together as partners, we completed our junior year English project on the topic of Vietnamese Culture.

20 years later, we embark on a new project together, Be Vui Project, in effort to give back to Vietnam.  We all volunteer our time and do not receive compensation.


  • KACIE DIEP, PharmD, Professional Liaison Officer

  • LAN TRUONG, Volunteer Coordinator in Hue, Vietnam

  • CHINH NGUYEN, Volunteer Coordinator in Saigon, Vietnam

Be Vui Project

Kacie (with green scarf) and Tam's coworkers from OptumRx in 2019

Fountain Valley, California

Be Vui Project 2019
Be Vui Project

Lan (far left) and Tam's family members

& friend in 2019

Hue, Vietnam

Chinh (left) with Father John Toai

and Mai Tam children in 2010

Saigon, Vietnam

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