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Be Vui Project 2019 - Hue

Lifelong Project

Vui means happy in Vietnamese.  Be Vui is to Be Happy.  Is achieving happiness one of your ultimate goals in life? 

Society encourages us to finish school, get a good job, make a decent living, and live the American dream so we can be “happy.” Right?  Is the American dream being married to the person you love who also loves you, having two beautiful kids, making six figures income, owning a home, and living in a good neighborhood so your kids can go to decent schools?  At the end of the day, aren't we all chasing some forms of that dream? 

For those who are lucky enough and are actually living that so called “American dream,” please ask yourself: Are you feeling happy yet?  Or are you tired, overworked, and stressed from the demanding jobs which maintain your lifestyle while losing precious time and energy to spend with your loved ones and to do the things you love?  Do you find yourself searching for something new, something else in life to bring you more happiness?  If so, ironically, you forget that you’ve reached the American dream and are actually supposed to be happy already,  Sometimes it seems as if we may be chasing an unreachable happiness since our definition of happiness changes over time.


Here’s a small suggestion: How about seize the day and be happy, today!?  Carpe Diem.

Donate any amount to Be Vui Project.  Little do you know, it may have an instant effect on your happiness level knowing that you are making a world of difference to the lives of those who do not get to live and pursue the American dream that we are so lucky to have the chance to do. 

Be Vui could also be easily recognized as Bé Vui in Vietnamese which means happy child.  This serves as one of the main goals of this project, which is to bring happiness to orphan children.  Donating to our cause helps spread happiness to those children.  Consider giving $100, $200 or more if you can.  Better yet, become a Be Vui Hero today and donate to us monthly via Zelle.  Even if you decide otherwise, please make a mental note to be vui, be happy.  Make it a lifelong project because happiness changes with time. 


Last but not least, smile and be happy. 

Thank you for reading more.

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